Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Great Toddler Books!!~

I'm always looking for some good reads for Mr. Charlie.

The books he likes best right now are ones with big pictures and rhyming words.

I recently found 2 GREAT books that are perfect.

Duck in the Truck.

Adorable. And just so happens to involve a truck. Charlie and I talk about what each animal in the book says and the color of each vehicle. He also thinks the story is hilarious.

SO cute. My mom found these and Charlie LOVES them. The llamas are so cute and all the stories end up with the baby loving on his mama. Charlie also really likes saying "llama".

If you're in need of a good read for your little one, go check these out!~

1 comment :

Shalyse said...

Andrea LOVES the Llama book!

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