Monday, November 14, 2011


Before Walker was born, I thought of a few things I would do different from when Charlie was a newborn.

*Hospital Nursery:
Everyone I talked to said to send Charlie to the nursery in the hospital so I could get some sleep. When I brought him home, his nights and days were COMPLETELY turned around. He was the ultimate frat boy; slept all day and partied all night. Looking back I really think the fluorescent lights and loud noises in the nursery contributed to this. So, I kept Walker in my room with me at nights in the hospital. It was great because he learned that night time was dark and quiet, and was only for sleeping and eating.

Why did I not swaddle Charlie at first?? Huge mistake. When Jennie was over visiting one day, she had to teach me how to swaddle him, because for some reason having them all tight and bundled scared me. I DOUBLE swaddle Walker just as tight as I can...and he loves it.

Again, why did I not have some type of noise in Charlie's nursery at first? It took me a few weeks to figure that one out. I'm a huge fan of the humidifiers that have a fan type noise with them. My brother sleeps with 2 of the biggest fans I have ever sounds like a wind tunnel in his room. So, maybe it's genetic, but I think noise is great for sleeping.

Because of these changes, Walker has been a ROCK STAR sleeper from the beginning. I pray that it stays that way. Charlie is an amazing sleeper, but it took us about a month to get to that point.

And now, for some weekend adorable ness.

I was unloading the dishwasher and heard a huge crash. Charlie had taken the bottom rack out and was pushing it around the kitchen.

Such a good helper.

The best Zoolander face of all time. I adore baby faces...especially this baby's!

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Marsha Anderson said...

I really need to see my babies! I miss them! I am so glad I get to babysit this week!

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