Thursday, October 20, 2011

Leg Stretch~

After working out, I always do this leg stretch.

In a Dance Teacher Magazine article, found here, they suggest a safer, more effective option.

(Pic is kinda small)

I can't quite get my pregnant body to do that right now, but I had my students do it last week, and they said it REALLY worked.

Try it out next time you stretch!~


Marsha Anderson said...

The new stretch looks like it puts less stress on the knee. If it works well it would probably be a better choice.

Emmy said...

So what is unsafe about the first option? That is what I always do- but if it is unsafe definitely will change.

Ashley said...

I don't think it's totally harmful, but when you do the 1st stretch it tends to make your lower back sway which can cause injury to your spine.~

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