Tuesday, October 4, 2011


What do you do/how do you feel when you stop at a light and see a homeless person with a sign?

I have to be honest. Sometimes I feel really sorry for them and sometimes I feel completely unsympathetic towards them. It really depends on my mood.

Has the person had a really hard life with absolutely no support? Or are they just lazy?

Would they take my money and buy food? Or would they go buy cigarettes?

Would the person be grateful? Or would he try to rob me/chop my hand off/steal my car?

I want to teach my son how to be compassionate....but at the same time, I have to protect him.

I'm always torn about this.

Kids With a Vision Blog, KWAV, featured a "Blessings Bag" for when you are in this situation.

I think this is a wonderful idea, but I'm still indecisive due to safety reasons.

My family and I visited San Diego when I was in high school. We were walking around and exploring when we saw a homeless man sitting on the side of the road. I remember feeling so sorry for him, and then I saw my dad hand him some money. I will NEVER forget that moment and how awesome I thought my dad was.

So, maybe the answer is to help someone out when there is another adult in the car?

I don't know. What do you do? How do you feel about this?~


Alicia Andrus said...

I totally understand your problem. We sometimes have McDonalds $5 gift cards kept in the car for this purpose. We have also given cash. We only do it if both of us are there and it's an open place. I use to have a problem with giving them money thinking that they'd probably end up using it for drugs or that they weren't really homeless, but I've come to the conclusion that I am doing it out of the goodness of my heart and trusting that they'll use it for a good purpose. Once I give it to them it's on their heads.

Ashley said...

The gift cards are a great idea Alicia! I think it's a good idea to have both people in the car. And, that's such a good way of thinking of it...it's in their hands now!!~

Emmy said...

I like what Alicia said- as yes it is hard to know- but it never hurts to serve- though I don't do it often enough.

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