Monday, October 17, 2011


The days and weeks are FLYING by!

I can't believe my baby is due next week.

We had a beautiful weekend and enjoyed celebrating with my good friend, Kristin, as she got married. It was a wonderful, gorgeous ceremony and reception.....and I took absolutely NO pictures. Slacker. Kristin looked stunning and perfect, and I'm so happy for her and her hubby!!

I also made some discoveries this past weekend.

*I haven't been sleeping for the past 2 weeks. As in, I am up ALL night long because baby is so large and in charge and doesn't want me to sleep. I have been using a body pillow, but found that if I put a pillow behind my back as well I can actually sleep for about 4 hours before I wake up. Yay! Big deal for me.

*Charlie really likes bugs. So gross. We walked around the Raleigh Temple grounds yesterday afternoon and he picked up a worm. A real worm. And I had used my last Wet One earlier that day.

*My best friend, Erin, likes candy oranges. You know that candy that looks like orange slices that no one likes?? I've known her my entire life and never knew this. I have never met anyone that actually likes those.

*Noel doesn't like candy corn. What???? More on that subject tomorrow.

*Baby boy is comfortable right. where. he. is. It feels like he is doing laps around my belly.

*I really hate tacky Halloween decorations. I realized how much I hated these Halloween decorations as I watched my neighbors put up tombstones, spider webs, stuffed people with pumpkin heads, and flying things that look like Dementors all over their house yesterday. They need to stop. I'm sure they'll have orange lights up by tomorrow.

*I do, however, LOVE fall decorations. My porch is ready to go, and I love looking at all the fall wreaths, pumpkins, and mums around town.

Hope you all had a great weekend!~


Emmy said...

Yes I am much more of a fall girl than Halloween girl myself. I don't like candy corn either.

CourtneyMarie said...

1. Why have we not talked in depth about this wedding?! You know how we love to talk allll about that junk!?

2. Aaron Pratt (remember him?) Well his favorite candy are the orange slices TOO!!!!!

3. Not liking candy corn should be illegal.

4. I feel like Halloween is a 'go big or go home' kind of holiday. If you're gonna use "tacky" Halloween decorations then your house better look like a daggum haunted house. I can't stand it when someone puts up a cobweb on their mailbox/ a tacky lawn ornament and calls that 'decorating'. EUGH!

5. I'm sure you're fall decorations are beautiful... everything you do is always so classy !

Ashley said...

I actually do have to give it to the people who go ALL out for Halloween. I like the cutesy decorations but all the tacky stuff...ughhh!!! BUT, those kind of people are what make the world good for them!

Court...we'll talk wedding!!!~

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