Thursday, October 13, 2011

Dance Moms~

Dance Moms is the most. ridiculous. show of all time.

It's insane. As in, I watched it for the first time last night and was furious the ENTIRE time, but watched every minute of it.

THIS lady,
Abby Lee Miller, is out of her mind.

She's the owner of the studio and is probably the meanest lady I have ever seen.

I'm confused about how she's so "successful" as a studio owner. She is downright evil to her students and their parents and weighs at least 500 pounds. ??????????? Being humongous AND mean spirited doesn't exactly equal a quality dance teacher.

THESE are the moms and their girls.

Again, they are crazy.

They are the stereotypical "stage moms" and it's so entertaining/so disturbing.

They allow their daughters to wear the teeniest outfits and are out-of-their-minds competitive.

I never experienced this growing up, so the whole intense, in-your-face mom thing is foreign to me.

As a mom, if you lay low and stay sane your daughter can still be an amazing dancer!!! Hello!!!

Here's a little taste of the madness. (Warning: Abby's voice is pretty much unbearable.)

Ridiculous, right?

I think the girls are pretty incredible as dancers, but I'm not sure how they would hold up in a ballet class.

Dance Moms has been renewed for a second season. Are you prepared for some more crazy?!?~


Emily Black said...

Girl...I watch this show too! Can't turn away from the train wreck. Those poor girls. I do think some of them are awesome dancers, though. And I'm with you...can't even get over the teacher!

Ashley said...

Yes! That is exactly what it is...a big ol' train wreck!!~

Emmy said...

Wow- okay totally got sucked into watching that whole clip. One thing pushing your kids and wanting them to succeed another thing being crazy. and seriously how is that lady so successful-did she ever dance in her life?

Ashley said...

I honestly don't think she ever danced. That's why I'm so confused!!!!!~

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