Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Candy Corn Debate~

I spoke about candy corn yesterday.

And about how Noel doesn't like it.

I understand that everyone has their own tastes....but candy corn??!?! It's one of those candies that I thought no one really loved or hated. You just ate it because it was there and part of Halloween. Guess not.

A writer for Etsy wrote an article about this very subject.

She talks about favorite and least favorite Halloween candies.

My favorites are obviously the miniature chocolates: Hersheys, Snickers, Tootsie roll POPS (mmm)

Noel will skip right over the chocolates and go for Skittles and SweetTarts. People who choose these candies over chocolate confuse me.

I remember all the "good" houses to go to in my neighborhood. My friend, Meredith's, grandma always made popcorn balls. Yummy!! I love baked goods for Halloween treats, but you can only eat those from friends' houses. You never know about crazy people these days.

Noel knew the exact houses that gave out WHOLE candy bars each year.

We give out pretty good candy every year. None of those bottle cap, circus peanuts, Mary Jane nastiness.

What are you favorites and least favorites??~


Catherine said...

Oh man I LOVE candy corn and those candy corn pumpkins! I even look forward to candy corn during Halloween. So I am actually one that really loves it. I loved it so much in high school that every week of Halloween I would paint my nails orange, yellow & white to look like candy corn. I was even thinking of dressing up as a giant candy corn this year!

Amanda said...

i love candy corn, especially the little pumpkins. i gave out handfuls of candy to each kid last year in arlington, basically i was an "awesome house."

favorite candy: twix, almond joy, milky way, reese's, sour patch kids, swedish fish, skittles, m&m's, flavored tootsies, sweet tarts, sprees, nerds

least favorite: dots, junior mints, anything unmarked (cheap candy, at least buy tootsie midgees!)

Ashley said...

Cat, that is awesome!!! You should totally do your nails like that this year AND go for the costume!!!

Amanda, I can see your house being the "awesome" house!! And, ew, yes, the cheap candy is cheap for a reason. I do LOVE some swedish fish.~

Mary said...

Candy corn isn't my fav; I'd MUCH rather have something with chocolate than anything without. The Milk Way Midnights are the best for me, because I love dark chocolate. Of non-chocolate candy, I think Skittles and Starbursts are the best. {Sweetarts give me a headache.}

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