Friday, October 7, 2011

Best. Store. EVER.

Have you ever heard of The Container Store??

This store was designed for me.

I went in a few weeks ago, and basically was short of breath, weak in the love!!

The Container Store has EVERYTHING you need to organize your home.

Last year, Noel gave me a wrapping paper organizer for Christmas and I could not have loved a present more.

That's how ridiculous I am.

I really want to go in and register for Christmas. I'm not even lying.

I hated this little corner of my laundry room.


Now I have a little holder for my broom, mop,

and iron.


The start of many amazing things to come!!~


Marsha Anderson said...

I have wanted to go there ever since they opened! I may have to make that trip very soon!

Emmy said...

I have heard of that store but have never been in it- I think it would be a bit of heaven

Ashley said...

Marsha, let me know and I'll go with you!!!

Emmy, see if they have one near you. You would LOVE it!!~

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