Monday, September 12, 2011

Where did the weekend go??!~

This weekend FLEW by.

We got a nice start to our weekend by hitting up Cameron Village with Amanda.

I LOVE Cameron Village and crave Village Deli on a daily basis.

Old Navy was having a baby sale, so we bought Charlie these pjs for the fall.
Of course they have trucks on them. Charlie carried them all around the store.

While we were picking these pajamas out, Charlie reached under one of the racks and with his lightning speed fingers put something in his mouth.

It was a goldfish. And it was disgusting. Who knows where that thing had been.

We got a good start on the alphabet wall, and decided to put the letters in Walker's room.

Can't wait to finish painting all of them.

I also got labels for Charlie's sippy cups from Little Button Designs.
Now, he is OFFICIALLY set for school!

We also ate at PF Changs with Nana and Pops. This is by far my favorite restaurant of all time.

Have you ever noticed that 98% of the staff there are good looking? Was this a coincidence or is it always like this? Our waiter was cute, all the waiters and waitresses working were cute, and the hostesses were super cute. Hmm? Random thought.

I hope you all had a great weekend!!~

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