Thursday, September 29, 2011

Come Fly Away Part 2~

I really wanted to see Come Fly Away, so Amanda and I went this past Tuesday.

The dancers and the dancing were beautiful. I love seeing long, muscular dancers onstage and all of them were (with the exception of one).

Twyla Tharp's choreography was creative and classic. I love her style. If you try Tharp choreography without ballet technique, you are DONE.

Even though I love Twyla Tharp's choreography, she always has to throw something weird in there. A song too long of scandalous dancing. That's what you were talking about right, Courtney??!

Anyways, I'm glad I saw it because I really enjoyed the dancing. BUT, if you are not a HUGE dance fan, don't go! There really isn't a storyline and there's no intermission for a bathroom break!~


CourtneyMarie said...

I'm really glad you got to see it! I wonder if they cut out a lot though cause on Broadway it's a full 2 acts. Hmmm... anyways, thats exactly what i'm talking about. The first half is so awesome and you think you're being introduced to characters for storyline purposes, but then all of the sudden people are drunk and taking their clothes off and trying to 'get it on' on stage and I left thinking.... was that the story line? Anywho~ you're totally right. Twyla's choreography alone is enough to make it all worth it :)

Ashley said...

YES!!! Everyone started looking at their neighbor when that whole mess started happening. They were still in the night club?? Why were they taking off their entire outfit??~

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