Tuesday, September 27, 2011

2 under 2~

It just hit me that in a month I will have 2 children under the age of 2.

I've had some great advice from different people about what worked for them during this stage.

I even looked online to see what advice people are giving about raising 2 children under 2.

One lady gave the pros and cons of this situation. She said:
Pros: They will be best friends
Cons: You will go insane

Yikes! That's comforting.

I'm really excited about how close in age my boys will be and how they will grow and play together.

And I know that just as it was with 1 child, I'll learn how to take care of 2 children.

But, are there any tricks that you wish you had known before having that 2nd child under 2?

Bath time routine suggestions? Feeding little baby suggestions? Favorite stroller recommendations? Etc.....

ONE month (ish) until Walker comes!!!~


Lindsay Haynie said...

We always read stories w/ Ande before nap/bed so now I feed Owen on my bed and read to Ande at the same time. That way I can put Owen to sleep when stories are over and then go put Ande to sleep. Although...it doesn't always work that easily. Sometimes I have to lay Owen down awake/crying while I go put Ande down then I rush back to Owen... Someone told me: get a special box of toys/books for Charlie that he can only play with while you are feeding Walker..so it's a time Charlie gets excited about instead of jealous about!

The Robinson Family said...

Luke and Carman were exactly 2 years apart. I can tell you that yes, it is hard at first. You may even wonder why you chose to do what you did, BUT it does get better. In fact, it is so nice to have them close in age. They entertain each other all the time. You can do it and remember that it can be tough at first but will get much easier, I promise!! Congrats!!

Ashley said...

Lindsay, I LOVE the idea of the special box of toys and books. Thanks for that.

JoAnna, I'm so glad that Luke and Carman are such great friends!! That makes me so excited for my boys. Thanks for the encouragement :-)

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