Monday, August 1, 2011

Yard Sale Weekend~

Yard Sales are a TON of work!

Especially in 103 degree weather.

And with a 6 1/2 month belly!

We had one this past Saturday, and it was a huge success.

Thanks to everyone who let us borrow your tables and ladders, and for those of you who helped us haul everything around.

My friend, Courtney, came over at 6 am to help us get set up, and then stayed to help with the entire sale. Now, THAT is true friendship!!!

The sale was advertised to start at 7am and end at 11am.

We had people start showing up at 630, of course, and then people pulling up at 1130 while we were packing everything up.

This is a picture of the remainder of the sale.


My favorite story from the yard sale:

I had a Vera Bradley wallet for sale. Only about a year old, and worth at least $35.

I cringed when I wrote $2 on the price tag. I just wanted to get rid of EVERYTHING.

A lady came up to me with the wallet and asked if I would take $1. I felt like I was pretty flexible throughout the entire sale, but $2 for a practically brand new VB wallet??? Come on!! I was basically giving it away.

I told her that I would only take $2, and she said, "Well, I just can't bring myself to buy that.". Ok...well, thanks? Go home now.

After about 2 minutes of awkward silence, she finally said, "Ok, how about $1.50?". No.

The husband finally said, "We'll give you $1.75". I finally gave in. Just to get them out of my driveway.


Remember this room?

Everything GONE!!

Now, we have room to get ready for baby!!

And, speaking of getting ready for baby, we sold all of Charlie's Eli's Elephant bedding this weekend.


I'm excited because Charlie and Walker will be getting brand new bedding.

But, so very sad that the elephants are going.

So, I took lots of pictures of Charlie's last night with his baby bedding.

The lamp Jennie gave me is staying!! He's taking that with him to college! We'll just have to mix a little elephant with his new trains.

Sweet, baby bedding.

Charlie confused as to why I was taking pictures of him right before bed.

Charlie also got to "drive" daddy's car this weekend.

And he had his first carousel ride. Let's just say he likes looking at the carousel more than he does riding on it. He tried to escape multiple times.
Hope you all had a great weekend!~

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