Friday, August 26, 2011

Wish List~

I realize I'm late in the game, but lately I have been loving some Pinterest.

I find all these cute ideas online for parties, holidays, etc., and usually just store them in a file in my email.

Pinterest is WAY better and easier than that.

One of my "boards" or categories of items is "Wish List".

Top of that list?
A pair of Christian Louboutins.

Yes, please. What a beautiful pair of shoes. I love the sparkly silver ones, but any pair of red bottom shoes will do.

They have a knock off pair at Kohls. I tried them on a few weeks ago. And of course they looked fake. And of course Charlie SPRINTED away from me while trying on the 7 inch platform shoes. I had to ditch the shoes and chase after him barefoot.

Moral of the story? Don't buy knock off shoes. Don't take a 17 month old shopping. And do NOT try on 7 inch platform shoes when you are 7 months pregnant.

But aren't these beautiful?

I hate/love you Beyonce.


CourtneyMarie said...

I literally logged on just so I could comment on how much I love and support this wish list item!! DUH!

However I must say: "come on Beyonce!? Who in their right mind wears those size heels to a basketball game?!"

Ashley said...

If I was as fierce as Beyonce, sitting in my court side seat next to Jay-Z....I'd be rocking those too!! :-)

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