Sunday, August 7, 2011

Male Vocalists~

The Jonas Brothers. Ever heard of them :)

I have 2 boys (well, almost), and have to make just one more boy before starting my own JoBros group!!

I haven't told Noel about my brilliant idea yet. I'm sure he'll be on board :/

Anderson Bros, Anderbros, Brothers Anderson.

Yeah, I need to do some work on the name.

I didn't consider any of the Jonas Brothers to be "real" artists, until I saw Nick Jonas on the 25th Anniversary of Les Miserables.

He's not the best Marius, but I thought he was still really good.

I've been thinking about artists that Charlie needs to start studying:

Josh Groban

I play this every day in the car so Charlie can start learning how to match pitch.

A little Buble.

And some John Legend.

Great male vocalists!

1 comment :

Marsha Anderson said...

Almost exactly what I was thinking about! Imagine a little Osmond-type singing group with the four boys when they get a little older!

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