Monday, August 29, 2011


Our home was spared from the hurricane, and we feel so blessed and grateful for that.

Our lights flickered twice, and that was seriously all that happened.

I know that wasn't the case for everyone, and I'm so sorry for all of you that had to go through worse things.

What really boiled my blood was when I saw the most immature facebook statuses about the hurricane.

(And yes, I definitely just mentioned something about FB statuses in my blog.)

Several people wrote that Irene was "lame" and that they couldn't believe what a weak storm it was. "Lame" as in the hurricane didn't do anything to their home. Who in their right mind complains about something like that?

Some people complained about how mad they were that they got really prepared for the storm, and nothing happened. I'm confused by their way of thinking.

And, what makes this situation worse, is that these people are adults.

For many people on the east coast, Irene was really bad.

People with young children had no power for days. (Kinston is telling their residents to not expect it for a few more days).

A family right around the corner from my parents' house completely lost their home. It is destroyed, and they will have to rebuild from the ground up.

My cousin, Courtney in Greenville said this about the storm....
Irene is kicking butt- trees are down everywhere and are hitting everything, flooding into buildings in several places, power is out for most... as for my home, Irene has managed to peel back the roof to the wood and water is going all into the attic and therefore soaking down and leaking from the celines, walls, and light fixtures. We've run out of buckets and it is still pouring outside. Ug. Not a good day and I know so many people are worse off than we are. Keep them in your prayers.

I know that many, many other families went through devastation and pure craziness this weekend.

Here are some pictures from the storm.

Crazy. Scary.

I hope everyone is doing ok today. And thanks to everyone who is helping put back the pieces! (I know my parents who are insurance agents have been really busy helping people with the aftermath) We've been praying for you all weekend, and hopefully life will get back to normal soon!!

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