Thursday, July 28, 2011

Standing O??~

I'm so confused by the judges' reactions last night on SYTYCD.

EVERY dance to me was mediocre at best.

Melanie and Neil came on with a contemporary dance choreographed by Mandy Moore.

I was bummed when I found out Mandy Moore is still choreographing. PLEASE retire her from this show.

I was excited when the music started and it was Total Eclipse of the JAM!!!

The only factors that kept me from clawing my eyes out were Melanie, the song, and the fly lift towards the end.

Everything else=disaster.

Neil is "ok". He's a better partner than he is a dancer. Mandy Moore=mess. That piece looked like something an amateur would come up with.

I was having all these thoughts when they panned over to the judges. And. they. were. standing.


I was confused.

Then, Allison and Marko performed.

And this was the reaction.

Tears? From guest judge, Lady Gaga.

Marko is FANTASTIC. Allison as well. But, the piece was nothing spectacular. And, Allison's CRAZY over-the-top facial expressions were KILLING me.

But, I'm glad that it was able to speak to someone.

This gal is going to win.

She's the best dancer the show has had in a while.

But her duet with Sasha. Did it deserve a standing O?


Sonya Tayeh, I have officially put you in the overrated box.

Why wasn't I feeling the same thing as the judges last night? Am I crazy? Or are they?

I honestly hope that someone enjoyed the show last night.

I'm just ready to be blown away.


Marisha said...

Haha, I never watch this show but was flipping channels last night and happen to see Melanie and Neils dance (granted I know nothing about dance) but I thought it was ok, then saw the and heard the judges and was like what did I miss? I didn't think it was that good... owell!

Ashley said...

YES!! Glad someone is on the same page as me :-)

Mary said...

Though that fly lift WAS amazing, I spent the entire show wondering what I was missing. The judges were so overpraising the contestants, it was crazy. I think they're realizing that there are only two weeks until the finale, and this top 20 that they put together is as fantastic as they thought. {Umm, they loved Tadd's jazz number with Lauren Froderman, even though it was awful and he lost his hat 30 seconds in?}

Melanie IS spectacular, and she totally deserves to win. I feel a little like they've handed her the season on a silver platter -- almost every contemporary routine that had the potential for greatness has been thrown her way. I'm grateful, because she's danced the heck out of every one, but also I don't think it's a coincidence.

Ashley said...

Mary, they definitely have handed this season over to Melanie!!! I feel like they've done the opposite for Ricky. He's such a good dancer but gets all the lame dances~

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