Friday, July 29, 2011

Jazz Hands!!!!~

I taught a Musical Theatre camp this week for ages 5-12.

I am used to the older, high-school aged kids, so I was reluctant at first to teach the younger ones.

It turned out to be a really fun and enjoyable week! (Even though if I hear any song from Annie or Lion King again for a while, I'm going to go INSANE!!)
Kids this age are really entertaining.

I had a few students show up early one day, and I swear, for 15 minutes they chased a single fly around the room.

Kids this age like to move FAST!!! Everything they do is energetic and 100%.

I had an adorable 5 year old boy who said, "Are you kidding?" after everything I told him or asked him. Even if "Are you kidding?" didn't make sense. And if he didn't answer with that, it was something related to Cars 2.

This age group is also very serious about their work. Everything had to be just right, and even though they have great imaginations, they still take things very literally. I gave them an assignment to improv a school scene. The girl playing the teacher said that they were going to have a party with cupcakes (of course). When she started passing out the "cupcakes", another girl asked what kind of cupcakes they were, because she didn't like chocolate ones.

They know EVERY word to every song on the radio.... And have choreographed dance moves to each song.

They don't forget ANYTHING!! If I said casually that we were going to do something the next day, they don't let me forget it!

It was fun teaching this age group. They worked so well together and were attentive the entire time. It was nice!

Today was "come to work with mommy" day for Charlie.

He loved watching the "big" kids and enjoyed looking at himself in the mirror :-)

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