Tuesday, July 5, 2011


As I was sitting in my backyard watching the fireworks Sunday night, a thought came to me.

I thought about the past 20 minutes. About how I was staring at the fireworks show with my mouth wide open, in awe like at kid at Disney for the 1st time. And how, because of the ridiculously loud noise, I kept pointing at the ones that were my favorite.

After the initial BOOM start of the show, I LOVE fireworks! But why?? They are loud lights in the sky. Why do so many people love fireworks?

I don't know about other people, but

I love how fireworks represent a special moment. A holiday, a start of a major event, something wonderful. They are unlike anything else we see on a daily basis.

My favorite fireworks are the ones that fan out to look like a palm tree. (Kinda like the picture). I love the silver palm trees. Have you ever seen SILVER fireworks? They're awesome.

I love that you never know what's coming during a show. Different colors, different shapes, different timing. The element of surprise makes fireworks fascinating.

So what is it about those big, loud lights in the sky that make you love them?!~


CourtneyMarie said...

If you're talking about the fireworks I think you're talking about, then THOSE ARE MY FAVORITE TOO!!

There is something so romantic about Fireworks- they make me feel like Cinderella at the ball (when in fact i'm single, sweaty and in no way a part of a fairy tail)

Ashley said...

Haha!! Sweaty?? I don't think of you as sweaty :-)

I do agree...fireworks are romantic!~

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