Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Farewell FNL~

A few years ago, Noel introduced me to the tv show, Friday Night Lights.

I was NOT interested. I saw the movie FNL and HATED it. The football team loses the state championship at the end. Who lets that happen in a movie??

I'm glad I gave in and started watching it.

This tv show=genius.

Noel loves it for the football. I love it for Tim Riggins the drama.

We BOTH love it for the incredible acting and for how real the scenes and characters are.

I usually hate when tv shows "graduate" their characters.

Not with this show. All the characters are so interesting and so wonderful.

I HATE that it ended, but love that it was such an amazing show.

Here's an article about the characters, casting, and history of the series.

Get Friday Night Lights on Netflix or go out and buy it on DVD. It's worth it.


The Passey's said...

LOVE that show. I LOVE, LOVE LOVE Tim Riggins. I am so sad it's over!

Paul Hummer said...

I also had the same experience with my wife. She had no interest in watching it (and I kinda didn't either, but it was the most interesting of the shows left on Netflix). We loved the show. They left it on quite the cliffhanger too (Riggins goes to jail...)

The actress who played Tyra (Adrian Palicki) was supposed to play Wonder Woman, but ABC didn't pick it up after the pilot. She was our favorite.

Ashley said...

Stefani, I'm so glad you're with me!!! I know...so sad!

Paul, Have you seen this last season?? I was interested in knowing who liked Tyra...because she wasn't my favorite...I LOVE Lyla and wish Tim ended up with her!~

Mary said...

So, true story, Christian was all about watching this show and I wasn't so interested. He finally started the first few episodes without me, but once I was on board we finished the series in two months. SUCH a great show! The Taylors' marriage was definitely one of the most accurate depictions of a real, stable relationship I've seen on TV.

Your comment about Tim Riggins made me laugh out loud. Christian once asked me who was more attractive, Tim or Jason Street, and that might have been the hardest question I've ever been asked in my life.

Ashley said...

I love it Mary!!! Tim gets my vote...hands down!!! :-)

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