Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Bachelorette Thoughts~

Because someone has to say it out loud.

Bachelorette Ashley is driving.me.crazy.
Thoughts about Ashley.
  • Why do I have to share a name with the worst Bachelorette of all time?
  • She thinks Taiwan is the most romantic city? I'm pretty sure if I ever went on a "romantic" vacation, Taiwan would be the last place I would choose.
  • Ashley has to make up for her extremely unattractive face (those wedding pics from last night? buhhh) and super annoying voice (have you heard her say "perfect"...ughhhh) with her smoking hot body. Where did that amazing body come from??? She didn't have it with Brad. But, good for her.
  • Do they skip taping during that month that she gets mono from making out with all those guys?? Has a Bachelor/Bachelorette every gotten mono?? I'm sure they have.

And, because Ashley is so boring, that's all I have to say about her.

On to the guys.

Do these guys look EXACTLY alike??



Noel keeps calling them both Rafael Nadal. Whoever that is.

  • You do NOT like Ashley. Go home.
  • To prove my point, you were more excited about that train ride than Charlie would be.
  • There is something wrong with you. I just can't figure it out...yet. (Noel added that there is something wrong with all the people that are on this show. True.)

Now, to my FAVORITE.
  • Oh Ames, I don't know why I like you so much.
  • Especially when you show up to Taiwan wearing a flannel shirt with wind pants.
  • And you always seem to look confused.
  • But, I do hope you win. (Even though you're not going to)

THIS guy???
  • How did he stick around for so long??
  • He MUST drink start drinking as soon as he gets up (Noel says he thinks it's weed) Regardless, he is too excited.
Last point. Ashley's fashion.

This blue shirt from last night??
Get yourself together Ashley. Every time the wind blew I got nervous.

Here's to hoping that Ashley can calm herself down and stop messing with that dang bang.

Oh, and JP is going to win, right?~


CourtneyMarie said...

Ashley the Bachelorette is the worst one of all times. I can't help but think "I wish Jake would have chosen her and we would have gotten Emily as the Bachelorette)

I don't know what you are thinking about Ames. Yes he is a gentleman, but i've never seen someone who looked like they were brain dead- AND alive at the same time. He always has the dumbest look on his face!

Everyone else .... completely agree.

Also, did you see Ashley's skirt the first day? It was SO SHORT?! How do people wear skirts that short!?

Ashley said...

I know I know!!! I don't get why I like Ames...because, YES his face is strange looking and he looks so dumb. I guess it is the whole "gentleman" thing. Yes, Ashley's skirts=WAY too short!!~

A Wedding Story said...

I haven't watched it at all this season b/c I wasn't crazy about Ashley but this re-cap is hilarious! Too funny :)

Ashley said...

Totally understand. Ashley is pretty hard to watch!~

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