Thursday, July 14, 2011

Are you ready??~

Do you have your wands ready?

And your glasses on??

Because tonight marks the beginning of the end.

If you haven't read these books...DO IT!!! I read all 7 in 4 months. Not going to pretend like I didn't.

I used to think that Harry Potter fans were the biggest nerds.

I still think that...but now, I'm one of them (and proud of it) :-)

(Angry Harry Potter)
Can't wait to read the books to Charlie, and can't wait to see HPDH Pt. 2!!!!!~


The Passey's said...

Love this! I was the same way. I refused to read them and thought everyone was crazy but then after I saw the 1st half of the last book, I had to know what happened so I read all 7 in 1 month! They are so good and I can't wait to see this last one. Charlie is so stinking cute in the costume!!!

Ashley said...

Stefani!!! I'm so glad you're with me!! :-)

LaDonna said...

I'm not even a huge HP fan but these pictures are great.

CourtneyMarie said...

These are the best pictures ever taken. Also, I think every year, on the anniversary of the last movie, you should make Charlie dress up in this same costume. A Harry Potter Scrap book, if you will.

Ashley said...

Thanks LaDonna!!! Charlie didn't really love the idea :/

Courtney, Best. idea. ever!!!~

Shaylynn... a girl, a story, a blog said...

I'm having the best day, now.

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