Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wednesday night disaster~

I'm so confused by SYTYCD this season.

I honestly believe they have the best group of dancers EVER.

But, can we just talk about this choreography?


What is going on?

Sonya Tayeh???

If you give me one more week of mediocre work, I'm going to have to put you in the OVERRATED file right along with Laurie Ann Gibson.

Tyce Diorio's piece and Nappytab's 2nd piece....DISASTER.

They need to get themselves together and realize that they don't have to have a promiscuous concept for the audience to enjoy it.

I actually don't mind Dee Caspary.

I think he's a really good choreographer...he just got stuck with a mediocre couple last night.

His group piece had some amazing choreography in it...I just thought the concept was a bit distracting.

What saved the night??

This piece.

Melanie and Marko. Of course.

They're incredible and, at the moment, are the only people keeping me from banning SYTYCD.

I need some of this in my life.

Is that too much to ask for? Where the heck is Mia Michaels??

Someone needs to save this show...and FAST.~


Unknown said...

I was glad I started last night's episode late, as I ended up FF through a lot of them. I agree it's a choreography issue b/c they definitely have the talent! Other than Melanie and Marko, the only other one I enjoyed was Clarice & Jess' fox trot. Which I never enjoy the fox trot.

Ashley said...

I agree...I did enjoy the fox trot also. I'm just waiting for something to give me goosebumps!!~

Marsha Anderson said...

I think I enjoyed listening to Kristen Chenowith more that I did watching the dances. The foxtrot and the lyrical hip hop were the best in my opinion. I think the choreography is off this year, too.

Ashley said...

I loved watching Kristen Chenowith too!!!~

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