Monday, June 20, 2011

Father's Day Weekend~

We had a fun weekend celebrating Dad!!

Noel and Charlie.
Noel gave a wonderful talk in church!!

Making Father's Day cards!

Nesting is in FULL SWING now!

I was so over the white walls in our back hallway and our guest bathroom.

So, THIS is the beginning of a beautiful thing.


We also saw some great friends over the weekend.

Our friends Jeremy and Stephanie just had an adorable baby girl.

Charlie was in awe of how teeny tiny she was.

Charlie also got to play with some "big" kids!

Boys watching "Charlie's dad" cut the grass.

Noel and I went to a Carolina RailHawks game this weekend.

It was a great game and the weather was beautiful.

We also got to see Cat and her adorable children. (If you are in need of some AMAZING pictures, contact her!!)

While Noel and I were at the game, Charlie enjoyed his time with Ms. Jessie.

And a summer weekend wouldn't be complete without a trip to the pool.

Charlie loves to put his head under the water now.

Have a great week!!

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