Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Have you seen this movie?
It is fantastic!!

Charlie and I watched it together a while back.

We BOTH loved it.

It shows 4 babies from different parts of the world from birth to the age of 1.

I seriously think it changed my life.

It's crazy to see how each baby develops the same but in different surroundings.

The little baby in San Fran is banging blocks together while the little baby in Africa is banging rocks together.

Charlie's favorite part was when the African baby licks his mommy's toes.

Disgusting!! But Charlie still thinks it's hilarious to try and lick my toes.

Oh...the influence of media!!

And speaking of babies....we were able to hear baby Walker's heartbeat today!

Music to my ears!!~


Katie said...

I liked this, too. Very interesting! Although, I told Chad I would pay to watch Nana see that movie. She would have a nervous break down watching how some of those babies grow up, lol.

Ashley said...

Haha!! I know! Especially when the baby in Mongolia is taking a bath with the goats and ties to a rope!~

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