Wednesday, April 14, 2010

One Month!~

Time has flown by!

Yesterday, he looked straight at me and gave me the biggest smile ever.

I was so excited that I started crying. I think my crying scared him a little because I got a weird look after that.

Baby Charlie has turned into a pretty good sleeper. He typically only wakes up once during the night.

Sometimes he like to party and wakes up twice!

He loves staring at the fan and at the headboard on our bed, and can lift his head up so high to look at them.

He LOVES music...but his favorite song is Popcorn Popping.

He hates getting a bath and yells the entire time...but loves his baby massage and story time afterwards.

He loves snuggling with mom and dad...especially mommy :-) and gives daddy the evil eye whenever dad gives his mom a kiss!

I love my little Charlie and am so blessed to be his mom!~


Amy said...

He is too precious! I can't believe he's already a month. Time goes by way too fast!! We need to come see you again. Emma is dying to see him in person. Love you!

Emily Bartlett said...

yay, charlie pictures! more more more!

Anonymous said...

Oh Ash, I LOVE the pictures! He is ssoo adorable! Can you believe its been a month? Enjoy every second of your first because the others that come along later will just fly by and you'll wonder how in the world they got to be so old. And I mean, who wouldn't love getting a massage and read to after a bath? I think baby Charlie has it made! :)

Lindsay Haynie said...

I think you guys need another night out...and I will babysit!

Ami Jackson said...

Ashley's a mommy!!! Charlie is adorable and I'm so happy for you and your hubby : )

April said...

Yay Pictures! I have been waiting to see pics of your little guy. What a joy. I am so happy for you.

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