Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The biggest disappointment on tv this season.

There are NO good contestants.

No one stands out.

They have kicked off the only people worth watching (Alex Lambert and Didi whatever her last name is)

They need Adam Lambert to come back and save the show.

Thank goodness for GLEE!!!

For starting up a new season next week (April 13).

Best show on tv....along with Modern Family...can't wait!~


Mary said...

AHHHH! I'm so looking forward to Glee coming back! I don't even care that this comment will probably make most people think I'm nuts -- I'm just so excited about new episodes of Glee. I seriously *love* that show like I haven't loved a show since Season 2 of The Office.

Also, American Idol is such a bummer. I'm thinking that Christian and I might call it quits after this season, because Simon is leaving the show anyway, so it def won't be the same.

Marisha said...

American Idol is terrible! I'm just waiting for the finale and hopefully it'll be good!

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Katie said...

I am SO excited about the return of Glee. I love Modern Family, too =-)

Ami Jackson said...

I heart<3 Glee! : )

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