Wednesday, April 14, 2010

One Month!~

Time has flown by!

Yesterday, he looked straight at me and gave me the biggest smile ever.

I was so excited that I started crying. I think my crying scared him a little because I got a weird look after that.

Baby Charlie has turned into a pretty good sleeper. He typically only wakes up once during the night.

Sometimes he like to party and wakes up twice!

He loves staring at the fan and at the headboard on our bed, and can lift his head up so high to look at them.

He LOVES music...but his favorite song is Popcorn Popping.

He hates getting a bath and yells the entire time...but loves his baby massage and story time afterwards.

He loves snuggling with mom and dad...especially mommy :-) and gives daddy the evil eye whenever dad gives his mom a kiss!

I love my little Charlie and am so blessed to be his mom!~

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The biggest disappointment on tv this season.

There are NO good contestants.

No one stands out.

They have kicked off the only people worth watching (Alex Lambert and Didi whatever her last name is)

They need Adam Lambert to come back and save the show.

Thank goodness for GLEE!!!

For starting up a new season next week (April 13).

Best show on tv....along with Modern Family...can't wait!~

Friday, April 2, 2010

The Baby Story~

The little man has arrived!

Saturday morning (March 13th), I woke up around 6am with terrible pains in my lower abdomen and lower back. I thought I was psyching myself out thinking it was a contraction. (His due date was March 10th).

I got up from bed and started reading fashion blogs online. The pain came again about 20 minutes later. Throughout the whole day I felt irregular, painful contractions. They got more painful and more frequent as the day went on.

Around 630 that night, Noel and I headed towards the hospital! My contractions were about 7 minutes apart by then.

I was admitted into the hospital and was about 5-6 centimeters dilated. I got an epidural (yay for epidurals!!) and was in labor until about 4 am.

Noel, my mom, my sister Sarah, and Noel's mom were in the room with me. It was great having a support team and made the process a lot easier to go through. Around 4 am, I started pushing and at 5:26 am, baby Charlie was born.

He was 8 lbs 7oz and 21 1/4 inches long!

It was an incredible experience. My favorite doctor delivered Charlie, I had my family there, and Charlie was healthy and beautiful!

Thanks to everyone for your love and support.

Here's a pic of our little guy in his crib!

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