Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I LOVE the Oscars.

Especially the Red Carpet!

Here's my list of Worst/Best Dressed this year.


Charlize Theron: I don't understand the light purple flowers going on up top. Completely destroyed the entire dress.

Zoe Saldana: What was she thinking? What makes me so mad about this get up is that Zoe Saldana is SOOO beautiful. Why all the feathers??

Mariah Carey: As usual, Mariah Carey is wearing something that is 4 sizes too small for her. Her closet is the size of my house, she has more money than all the people on this list...why can't she buy a decent dress?

Maggie Gyllenhaal: Oh Maggie, this is hideous. Looks like a really bad decision from Wet Seal.

Precious: Don't know her real name. Woof. Mean...but I'm going to need her to start wearing long sleeves.

Nicole Richie: Demon lady needs to calm it down with the super dark hair and the Adams Family mom outfit.


Demi Moore: Love the color, love the fit, love the ruffles.

Elizabeth Banks: Has the same kinda feel as Demi Moore's.

Carey Mulligan: I still have no clue who this girl is...but I'm loving her dress. I feel like it's the same pattern as Zoe Saldana's...just a much better outcome. NOT loving the shoes though.

Sandra Bullock: Everything about this dress is just beautiful. I don't think I've ever seen a dress this color....gorgeous!!

Rachel McAdams: Love her and love this dress.

Kristen Stewart: I can't believe I'm doing this...putting her on the Best Dressed List. Still not a fan...especially after she had that weird gag cough thing going on while presenting...but this dress is awesome.


Mary said...

Ugh. Seeing that picture of Mariah
Carey makes me want to barf. She is super-busting out of that dress, and it is not flattering. She looks at least ten years older than she actually is, and that is so, so sad.

Lyla And Company! said...

I agree with your list! Mariah what are you thinking???

Anonymous said...

Hi Ashley,
I agree with your Oscars Best and Worst. Just wanted you to know that I am thinking about you these days. Hang in there; enjoy your last few days of doing exactly what you want to do, and I'm sure little Charlie will make his appearance VERY soon.

Good luck,
Mama Joy

The Smith Trio said...

This post made my day!!! I agree 100%!

Chris and Molly said...

How are you doing? Are ya'll going to post pix of Charlie? Are you getting any sleep? It will get better, promise. How's breastfeeding going? Okay, sorry about the twenty questions . . . .love ya!!!

CourtneyMarie said...

Let me just say the minute Krista and I saw Sandra Bullocks dress we said "THATS A WINNER DRESS! SHE'S GONNA WIN!" Totes one of the most gorgeous ensembles i've seen in the past recent years.
Also, I hate Kristen Stewart- HATE her acting- but that dress is gorgeous.

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