Sunday, February 14, 2010

Almost Time!~

It's almost time for Baby Anderson to be here!

A little over 3 weeks until my due date...I can't believe how time flies!

We have been busily preparing the house and nursery for baby, and many people have been helping with lots of baby showers.

My friend, Jennie, gave me an amazing shower. Pics can be seen here. Others pics of showers to follow!

Can't wait for baby to be here!


Courtney said...

You'll be such an awesome mommy! I'm so happy for you. :-)

Lindsay Haynie said...

I'm digging the new picture!

ps-the word verification for me to leave this comment is "ratshale." Just thought that was funny.

Lauren said...

Where are the bump pictures?! I know you must be super excited for your baby to arrive. Good luck with everything!

Lyla And Company! said...

I just cant believe how fast the time has flown by!!! hope your feeling well and cant wait to hear the good news! Love you!

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