Thursday, October 29, 2009

West Side~

Noel and I had a great date night last Friday.

He took me to a super nice restaurant in downtown Raleigh, The Mint. If you are looking for a nice restaurant for a fancy date night...go here!!

Noel also bought me tickets to see West Side Story.

AKA one of my favorite Broadway shows of all time.

NC Theatre did a pretty good job.

I am a West Side a show has to be almost perfect to even compare to the movie.

A few key points that did not meet my approval.

1. Tony was short. Tony can NOT be short.

2. Maria was a little bottom heavy. No no

3. Maria's voice was a bit too vibrato for her character.

4. The playground scene in the end was completely destroyed when Chino came out about 2 seconds late to shoot Tony. Maybe it was staged that way...but it was super anticlimatic. Chino shot Tony when he was already in Maria's technically he should have taken them both out.

5. Maria didn't freak out enough in the finale. I needed more anguish.

Besides those 5 things :-) I thought the show was nice. The voices were great and the choreography was wonderful.

Now...if you have no clue what I'm talking about in these 5 points...shame on you. Shame. You either need to drive to Blockbuster immediately...or you can borrow my Special Edition Copy.


Ami Jackson said...

LOL! You crack me up Ashley :)

Katie said...

I love some West Side Story!!! What a great date =-)

Chris and Molly said...

That is the coolest date ever. .. totally agree, tony MUST be TALL, dark, and handsome, Maria must have ballerina's body, and too bad they didn't wait for the gunshot before he fell to his death? you make me laugh. (For some reason I remember him being stabbed not shot - prob. just my bad memory)

CourtneyMarie said...

Um- duh. I may be one of the only people who litearlly understands EVERYTHING you just said.

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