Thursday, May 7, 2009

I Heart Jeff McLean~

Jeff McLean served his mission in North Carolina 10 years ago.

My family fell in LOVE with him...As did many other people.

I got in touch with him a few months ago and found out that he was traveling with the Broadway musical, "Legally Blonde"...and they were coming to Durham!!, Noel, Mom, James, and Sarah went to see him.

He was...obviously....AMAZING!!!

Me and Jeff.

Jeff and Sarah. (I was this age when Jeff last saw me)

James and mom

The group with Jeff (Warner) and Elle Woods. (Noel was taking the pic)


Wendi said...

No one told me he was coming to NC.
I would love to see him.
I can totally see him playing the part of Warner.

The Robinson Family said...

That is awesome that he is doing Legally Blonde. I saw your family at Stake conference. Your little sister reminds me so much of you.

Joel said...

I remember him! He sang a solo in church when he was here.

Courtney said...

Dood, that is a random place for him to end up. But Broadway suits him. It is awesome that you were able to see him though! LoL

Love ya cuz.

Chris and Molly said...

of course you are buying my daughter a tutu!!!! love you!!

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