Saturday, April 25, 2009

Celine Dion~

I'm finally getting to my Celine Dion pictures!!!!

Only 4 months later!!

These past 4 months have been CRAZY!! so please forgive.

Me and Catie went to the Celine concert at the RBC Center.


We sat on the 6th row from the stage.

Pic of Celine Dion and her fierceness!

When Celine left, she passed RIGHT by our row. Catie held me up...and I ALMOST touched her!!!

After the show, we tried to get a little closer to the stage.

And then security asked us to leave!!!

Haha!!! It was a great night!

Catie and I also went to Mama Mia the Broadway Musical in Greensboro in March...and we're going to see Taylor Swift in June!!!~

1 comment :

Katie said...

I saw her in Vegas and fell in love. She's amazing live. I'm glad the snow didn't stop your concert! =-)

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