Monday, October 27, 2008


Every Friday, at the end of class, I ask my students to write a Reflection on their week.

I usually give them specific questions to guide their answers.

Last Friday, the question was, "Looking back on your behavior and work ethic this week, write what YOU can do next week and beyond to make this class better."

Pretty easy question, right?

You would think.

ONE student decided to tell me what I should do differently.

"I would ask the class what they want to do instead of me making up stuff that they probally can't do. Because if they do the stuff they want they would have more fun."

WOW. I'm not sure exactly what she was thinking...but this is a school, you know, a place where you learn NEW things everyday.

If I had them doing stuff they already knew how to do...they'd be booty dancing for 90 minutes everday.

I love students like her.~


Cynthiana said...

On my second night of teaching ESL one student came up to me during the break and told me that she cried for an hour after the first class and was thinking about not coming back at all. Then she went on in some detail about how I might improve my teaching. I decided not to tell her that it was my first time teaching ESL but I do speak English pretty well. Teaching is a dream job isn't it??

Katie said...

Gotta love those ones.

Ami Jackson said...


The Reeds said...

What happened to being nice and having some manners. Good luck!

Kelly said...

Hey girl! Long time, no see! I just found your blog, and had to leave a comment. Bless you for teaching. I gave up the ghost on hopes for the upcoming generations long ago. Bless their hearts. Anyway, let me know how things are going. Hope they're going well!

bridget said...

I Loved it when you came in with some made up jump, and you were like lets see if this is even possible!
good for you Ashley, I would find it hard not to be rude right back- what are you doing in a dance class if you don't want to learn to dance??-
but that's why your the teacher :)
ps. will you please come back and try to teach me something that I probably can't do ? :)

April said...

I like to booty dance, but I don't think I could for 90 min. straight!

Wendi said...

Booty dance?
Maybe to get her you should suggest just that...
"Okay class, booty dancing for the next 90 mins."
She might need an etiquette class.
I'm just saying!

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