Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Out of the Hood Ballet Program~

I'm teaching ballet this year at the high school.

This is the high school's first year of actually offering ballet.

I love ballet. I love the discipline, the technique, the beauty of it...everything.

The kids seem to be enjoying it. Somewhat.

We were talking the other day about Marie Taglioni.

Yes. This is Marie Taglioni. She was basically one of the first prima ballerinas of the 19th century.

In the 19th century, ballerinas were the ULTIMATE SUPER STARS! Kinda cool, if you ask me.

Hopefully you're not asleep yet from my dance history lesson.

Marie Taglioni was so famous...someone bought her pointe shoes and made them into a stew to eat for dinner.


So...I'm having this discussion with the girls. I'm trying to explain to them just how famous Taglioni was...so I ask them to tell me someone who is a famous superstar right now....someone that people would remember for years to come.

I'm thinking the Audrey Hepburn, Bob Marley, Frank Sinatra type.

Their answer...

In case you have no clue who this is. This is Lil Wayne. Yes...his name is Lil Wayne. And yes, this is his mug shot.

I don't need to say anything else about this situation do I?

I immediately had to change the subject.

Lil Wayne? I have a lot of work to do...sigh....~


Lauren said...

HAHA Lil Wayne! Didn't you feel like an old stuffy grownup for a second? I've had this moment a couple of times lately..mostly when I see what high school girls are wearing these days! Shew it's bad and I thought wow they must think I look like a stuffy old grownup..haha! Not that I care to much what they think but it was just one of those omg-I-feel-old-hope-I-haven't-lost-my-coolness moments!

bridget said...

ok... i love lil wayne 'best rapper alive!' you could tell them about Isadora Duncan who died when her scarf got caught in the wheel of the automobile. maybe thats more exciting ? I played her in my elementary wax museum. :)

Em said...

Holy Cow! I've never even heard of him!! I bet that was really awkward! =0) Love the new blog!! You look awesome in your picture!! =0)

Amy said...

Wow, that's sad...too funny. Signs of the times, right?? Love your new blog. I must get some of those pics of you. I absolutely love them. I'd love them for Emma's room....

Sarah said...

That is an amazing picture! I HATE LIL WAYNE! He is probably the dirtiest whatever on the planet. Oh, I didn't save you cake and thanks for liking my blog. =)

p.s. I tried to call you tonight and you didn't answer NO LOVE!!

Noel Anderson said...

This is one of your best posts ever!!! It's hilarious that these little knuckleheads in your class think that Lil' Wayne is going to be someone that is remembered. First of all, Lil' Wayne is the worst rapper alive. He's terrible, his voice, his lyrics, his style are all garbage not to mention the fact that these kids are idolizing someone who was recently arrested for cocaine and weapons posession. I do not envy your position. haha.

Lyla And Company! said...

too funny Ashley!! So sad "what" kids these days look up to...and I meant to say "what" and not who!!!

Chris and Molly said...

holy crap Ashley I would have had to slap every girl in there! The only reason i know who he is is b/c Chris knows and likes him, or at least likes his music - if you call "rap" music, which i dont! I hate rap and anyone who "sings" it. Its apalling to think that they would think "lil wayne" will be remembered or centuries to come! maybe you should take the girls on a field trip to see a ballet or something, give 'em some culture, haha.

Anonymous said...

That's too funny that the first famous person they came up with was Lil Wayne, hah. Kind of makes you want to shake them and say 'really?!'
On another note - so cool that you started off teaching a ballet class!

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