Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Boys' Shared Room

Filed under "things Ashley is really terrible at doing":  taking pictures of any kind of room.  If you'd like to see beautiful pictures of a room, look at these during Crew's newborn photoshoot because they're beautiful! (and how was he ever that little???!!!)

I did want to show you, though, how we've managed to fit all 3 boys into one teeny tiny room.  We're currently renting our home because we sold our last home in about 5 minutes, and even though this tiny house is growing on me, it's still tiny!  Baby sister needs her own room at first, so right after Christmas, we moved Charlie and Walker in with Crew.

It's working out really well actually.  The only thing that needs work is Walker waking up way too early (always always). He's slowly coming around, though, on waiting for his green light to come on and not trying to get his brothers to play with him at 5am. 

Here are a few pictures of their shared space.

^bins, rug, and comforter from Target

^We added this bottom shelf on both sides of the closet for more space

I love Crew's excitement over his digger.  He does love a vehicle.

Next time I'll try and get pictures not on my phone and not as the sun is going down...ahhh!!

What are your best tips for shared bedroom spaces?!

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

From across the hall

I've reached the point in my pregnancy (38 weeks) where I've started getting a little nervous about this whole labor and delivery thing.  Just a little anxious.  I know I've done it 3 times before, but maybe that's just it....I'm remembering how fast these babies come and how bad they hurt getting here.  (I'm crossing my fingers for a fast working epidural this go-around.) I keep telling myself...I've done it before and I can do it again!  Yeah!!  Yeah??! 

I was at my weekly checkup yesterday, and while waiting for my doctor to come in the room, I heard a lady start screaming across the hall.  The screaming turned into crying and the crying turned into wailing.  I then heard the doctor try to "reassure" her by telling her she was in early labor and that they were going to wheel her over to the hospital.

Y'all!!  That did not one thing for my nerves. 

It was reassuring, however, when I was told later that this baby sounded great and measured right on track.  Labor and delivery is brutal but the baby is oh-so-sweet.

Hope y'all are having a wonderful week. 

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Winter Afternoon

Some of my favorite posts to look back on are the ones with pictures of my boys doing every day things and having a blast doing them!    

Yesterday, the weather in North Carolina was absolutely gorgeous.  We played at the park after picking Charlie up from school and before their tennis lessons, and it felt amazing being outside not bundled up.

Here are some pictures from our afternoon!

^zip line for babies!!

I hope y'all are having a great week!!

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

That Dream I Had

One of my pregnancy symptoms is that I have the wonkiest, most vivid dreams.  My third trimester dreams get a little more real because of the cat naps I take all night due to insomnia.

My sister in law, Kaitlyn, is coming up around my due date to help me with the boys and to help with the new baby.  (Bless her!)  Last week, I had a dream that Kaitlyn and I were standing in my kitchen, and after one giant contraction, I told her that "I have to start pushing!!!"  (The one cool slash crazy thing about labor is that your body tells you exactly when it's time to start pushing....and there's no going back.)  Kaitlyn then, (in  the dream), took the boys to their room and gave them the iPad to watch a show, grabbed a towel, called 911, and then....I'm pretty sure I woke up.  

Traumatic.  I only live a few exits away from the hospital so LET US PRAY this situation doesn't actually happen.  I told Kaitlyn about the dream, though, and she is READY!! :) 

Last night, my dream had me on the Rockin' Roller Coaster at Disney World?? and right as I was turning the corner to take off 0-60, I started waving my hands like a crazy person telling the roller coaster operators that I was pregnant and shouldn't be on the ride.  

Also, I've worn this outfit at least once a week during this pregnancy.  The kimono/shirt/thing is from my favorite, Monroe 26, and the necklace (which my brother lovingly refers to as my "tissue necklace" and tries to blow his nose in every time he sees me) is from my favorite jewelry shop.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Day by Day

The other morning, as I was getting ready for the day, I was listening to this super short podcast on creating a plan for your life.  

The lady being interviewed said something that was just so spot-on that I had to find a piece of paper while brushing my teeth to write it down.  She said, specifically in regards to goal-setting, that "action is a by-product of clarity."

I thought this was so great and goes along really well with my thought process-specifically for this year.  I haven't made a ton of traditional goals for 2017, mainly because I've gotten in a good habit of making clearer and more intentional daily goals.  

I think it's important to analyze our lives often (not in a way that will knock us down, but for the intent of growing realistically) receive that clarity....and then make daily/weekly goals on what we want and need to do to better ourselves and our families.

So....those are some thoughts for your Tuesday :) What are your thoughts on goal-setting?!

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Southerners in the Snow

On Saturday morning we woke up to snow and ice here in North Carolina.  Everyone jokes on us Southerners about shutting the place down during times like these (I keep watching and laughing at this video because it's SO true),  but we rarely get anything like this so we 1-don't have the equipment to handle clearing all the roads and 2-it typically turns straight to ice.

And good grief was it icy (still is!)  I eventually ventured out with the boys (snow and cold are NOT my thing) and I loved watching them play, and especially loved watching them slide down the hill with Noel (which you'll see in the video at the end.) :)

^Snow ball fighting machine right here

I hope y'all are warm and safe wherever you are!!

Sunday, January 8, 2017

A few last things...

We had snow in North Carolina yesterday and I loved every second of it...mainly because I was able to stay inside the entire day! :)  The boys went out in the morning with Noel and I cleaned and organized every single closet in my house.  It was amazing.   

Here are a few "last things" around here....

The last-

*Moment I Really Really Appreciated....

A few days ago, my Dad came from out of town to visit for the afternoon.  He took the boys with him to go grocery shopping for me (and I got some time to get the baby's room straightened out), made us dinner for the night, AND made a giant pot of soup to get us through the snowy weekend.  It was amazing.  It's only the first week of January and he's won Dad of the Year already!  Baby girl has grown a ton this week which has made me super slow and giant, so this was a major blessing times a billion.

*Hair product I really loved...

This!  My mom got me this "it's a 10" miracle oil for Christmas and it is everything.  Really helps with all these crazy fly aways and cow lick I have going on.

*Book I Read...

The Royal We.  I randomly picked this up from the library and, besides a few ehh paragraphs in the middle of the book, I thought it was really great.  It was a fictional take on the Royal Family and the ups and downs of an unlikely courtship.

*Movie I Watched...

The Hollars.  Noel and I had an at-home movie night last weekend and rented this on Apple TV. We're both big fans of John Krasinski and he directed this movie and starred in it.  We both really liked it.  (Anna Kendrick is in it as well.)  It was both funny and sad and very well done. Also the soundtrack was beautiful.

*Hair Cut Crew boo had...

And it went really really well.  In the past, he's acted crazy town while getting his hair cut.  At this place, equipped with a vehicle to sit in, a movie to watch, and a lollipop to eat, he does great! :)

*Big moment in our house...

Charlie lost his 2 bottom teeth!! He lost his 1st tooth at home and his 2nd during lunch at school.  He told Grandpa on the phone that he thought the tooth fairy was going to leave him $20, so I was happy to see how excited he was when he found "1 dollar cash!!" (direct quote) under his pillow in the morning for each tooth.

I hope y'all are staying safe and warm!  Church was cancelled today because of snow, so we are at home-reading, eating, snoozing, and nesting (me!)
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